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PWMP *alub

put in or over a fire

PWMP *alud

type of canoe

PAN *aluja

to paddle

PAN *alujah

ant sp.

PMP *aluŋ

shade, shadow

PMP *aluten

burning brand; charred or smoldering wood

PAN *ama


PAN *ama-ʔ

father (voc.)

PWMP *ama ama

step father

PPh *ama-an

(gloss uncertain)

PWMP *ama-en


PMP *ama-i

father (voc.)

PWMP *amak


PMP *amá-ŋ

father (voc.)

PWMP *amaŋ amaŋ

dare to do something

PWMP *amaq

to eat

PWMP *amaq-an


PWMP *amaRa

tree sp.

POC *amatu

double-headed parrotfish

PMP *ambak

stamp or smack against

PWMP *ambay

wave back and forth

PWMP *a(m)bek


PWMP *amben

belly strap

PWMP *ambet

strap; something wrapped around

PWMP *ambiq

extension to house

PMP *ambit

seize with the hands

PWMP *ambun

dew, mist, fog

PWMP *ambuŋ

proud, haughty

PWMP *ambuq

high, lofty

PAN *am(e)ʔin

all; finished

PAN *amen

1pl ex oblique

PWMP *ameq

1pl ex oblique

PAN *ami

1pl. excl. nominative pronoun, we ( exclusive)

PWMP *amiaŋ

any plant with hairs that sting or cause itchiness

PWMP *ampal

beetle sp.

PMP *ampaw

empty husk (of rice, etc.)

PWMP *ampeRij

type of finch, rice bird

PWMP *ampet

stanch the flow, as of blood

PWMP *ampias

wind-driven rain

PWMP *ampik

pat, clap

PWMP *ampin

roll of leaves or cloth

PMP *ampu

grandparent/ grandchild (reciprocal)

PPh *ampu ampu

forefathers, ancestors

PPh *ampu-en

regard as a grandparent or grandchild (?)

PWMP *ampuk

scatter, disperse

PMP *ampun

pardon, forgiveness

PWMP *ampun-an

pardon, forgiveness

PAN *amu

2pl. nominative pronoun

PAN *-an

verbal suffix marking locative focus; nominal suffix marking location

PWMP *anabu

shrub or small tree: Abroma augusta L.

PMP *anaduq

long (of objects)

PAN *aNak

child, offspring; son, daughter; interest on a loan

PMP *anak

child, offspring; son, daughter; brother's child (man speaking), sister's child (woman speaking); yo…

PMP *anak a ma-iRaq

neonate (lit. 'red child')

PWMP *anak-an

give birth

PWMP *anak anak

small child

PWMP *anak anak-an

doll (?)

PMP *anak apij


PMP *anak a qulu

first-born, eldest child (lit. 'head child')

PMP *anak bahi, anak babahi, anak binahi

wife-taking lineage

PMP *anak buaq

relative (?)

PWMP *anak daRa

maiden, virgin, girl of marriageable age

PWMP *anak-en

brother's child (man speaking), sister's child (woman speaking)

PMP *anak i banua

fellow villager, fellow community-member

PMP *anak i batu

small stones, gravel

PWMP *anak i hapuy

sparks of fire

PWMP *anak i haRezan

step or rung of a ladder

PMP *anak i kahiw

young tree, sprout

PMP *anak i lesuŋ

rice pestle

PMP *anak i lima

little finger, pinkie

PMP *anak i manuk

chick, baby chicken

PMP *anak i mata

pupil of the eye

PMP *anak i panaq


PMP *anak i qaRta

slave (?)

PMP *anak i sumpit

blowpipe dart

PMP *anak i tau

someone else's child

PMP *anak ma-Ruqanay, anak (la)laki

wife-giving lineage

PWMP *anak nu dilaq


PMP *anak nu mata

pupil of the eye (‘child of the eye’)

PMP *añam

plait (mats, baskets, etc.)

PWMP *añam-en


PWMP *a-nan


PAN *aN-aNak


PMP *an-anak


PWMP *anaŋ

dehortatory exclamation

POC *ana<ŋa>ican

when? (past)

PWMP *anapiŋ


PAN *aNay

insect of the order Isoptera: termite, white ant

PWMP *anay-en

eaten by termites, damaged by termites

PWMP *andap

phosphorescent centipede (?)

PMP *anduŋ


PWMP *a(n)duq

long, of objects

POC *ane

insect of the order Isoptera: termite, white ant

PMP *añem

plait, braid

PPh *áŋal

groan, cry of pain

PMP *aŋaq

open the mouth wide

PWMP *aŋat

to challenge, confront

PAN *aŋay

departure (?)

PWMP *aŋ(e)cej

stench of sweaty armpits

PWMP *aŋ(e)ceŋ

stench of sweaty armpits

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