Welcome to Lexifier

Lexifier is a new platform for fieldworkers to share Toolbox dictionaries, created by David Kamholz. Take a look at the lexicons page to see what is available. You are probably here because you are looking for my dictionaries of Moor, Yerisiam, Yaur, and Umar (Austronesian languages of Papua province, Indonesia).

In addition to being able to view and search, it is possible to link lexical entries across lexicons. I have done this in my lexicons in order to indicate cognate words, borrowings, and proto-forms. Austronesian proto-forms are mainly derived from Robert Blust's Austronesian Comparative Dictionary, a portion of which has been extracted on this site.

If you would like to upload your own lexicon, please email me (lautgesetz -at- gmail -dot- com).