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PWMP *wasay


PPh *wasay wasay

insect sp.

PPh *wasíwas

wave back and forth (hand, flag)

PPh *waswás₁

shake something, rinse clothes by shaking in clear water

PPh *waswás₂

tear apart something that one has made; undo

PAN *watawat

wave, flutter (as a flag)

PMP *wati₁


POC *wati₂


PPh *watnág

scatter, disperse

PMP *wa-tu

away, outward, forward, onward; towards the hearer

PAN *wa-walu

eight (of humans)

PPh *wáwaq

mouth of a river

PPh *waywáy

dangle, hang down loosely

PPh *wigwíg

shake, shake something

PWMP *wikwik

chirp, whistle

PAN *wili

return, come back

PAN *wiŋawiŋ

wag, shake, move repeatedly from side to side

PMP *wiŋis

bare the teeth

PPh *wíqwiq

slit open

PAN *wiRi

left side or direction

PMP *wirit


PAN *witiwit

wag, swing from side to side

PPh *witwít₁


PPh *witwít₂

shake, wave (hand, something in the hand)

PPh *wiwí

shrill whistle or chirrup

PMP *X₁ + qatay

(lit. 'big liver') brave, courageous; proud, arrogant

PMP *X₂ + qatay

(lit. 'burning liver') angry, furious

PMP *X₃ + qatay

(lit. 'rotten liver') full of malice

PMP *X₄ + qatay

(lit. 'sick/hurt liver') resentful, offended

PMP *X₅ + qatay

(lit. 'small liver') afraid

PMP *X₆ + qatay

(lit. 'white liver') pure-hearted

PAN *zalan

path, made by a human as opposed to an animal; way or means to do something

PMP *zalan

path, made by a human as opposed to an animal; way or means to do something; wake of a boat; the Mil…

PAN *zalan-an

passage way, place where one has walked

PAN *zalan-zalan

small path or trail

PMP *zalateŋ

stinging nettle: Laportea spp.

PWMP *zaluaŋ

bark cloth

PMP *zaŋan₁


PWMP *zaŋan₂


PWMP *zaŋaw

insect destructive to rice

PWMP *zaŋkal


PWMP *zaŋkaŋ

wide apart, as the legs

PWMP *za(ŋ)kit

spread, spreading by contact

PAN *za(ŋ)kuC

grab, grasp, seize

PWMP *zapit

pinch, squeeze, press

PMP *zaqat

bad, evil; ugly

PWMP *zaqet

bad, evil; ugly

PMP *zaqit

to sew

PAN *zaRami

rice straw

PWMP *zaRami

rice straw; flute made from a rice stalk

PWMP *zaRaŋ

having wide intervals; seldom

PWMP *zariaŋaw

a plant: Calamus spp.

PMP *zariŋ

noose or net trap

PAN *zaRum


PMP *zauq


PMP *zauq zauq

(gloss uncertain)

PMP *zawa₁


PAN *zawa₂

millet sp.: Setaria italica (?)

PAN *za-zalan

(gloss uncertain)

PMP *zeket

to burn (fields, etc.)

PAN *zelaq


PMP *zelay

a cereal grass with edible seeds that are also used as beads, Job’s tears: Coix lachryma-jobi L.

PWMP *zeliŋ

cross-eyed; eye

PWMP *zelzel

stuff or fill with material

PMP *zemak

feel, grope

PMP *zeŋkuŋ


PWMP *zepit

pinch, take up with the fingers

PWMP *zera

hurt, frightened, or discouraged by previous bad experience

PMP *zilak


PMP *zilateŋ

stinging nettle: Laportea spp.

PWMP *ziŋkit

touching or joined along the length

PMP *zitaq

a large shade tree: Alstonia scholaris

PWMP *ziteq

vine from which poison is obtained

PMP *zitzit

to hiss

PMP *ziuq


PWMP *zizi


PMP *ziziq

grin, show the teeth

PMP *zizir

grin, show the teeth

PMP *zukut


PWMP *zulaq

saliva; to spit

PAN *zuluʔ

earlier, in advance

PWMP *zuluŋ

kind of freshwater fish

PWMP *z<um>alan

to pass through

PMP *zuŋkuk

bend over, stoop

PWMP *zuŋzuŋ

carry on the head

PWMP *zuŋzuŋ-an

what is carried on the head; a burden

PWMP *zuRu

corner; side, edge

PMP *zuRuq

juice; sap; gravy; soup

PWMP *zutzut

pluck, pull out

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